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to those who haven’t been well lately,

today, i want to congratulate you.

you deserve a salutation for waking up each morning despite the breakdown you’ve suffered during cold and dreary nights, for bathing yourself drowning bad nightmares you had, for eating the last piece of meat you had in your table while you are studying for your math quiz. i know you can’t focus because of the things that kept on bothering you more than numbers do but keep going, little one.

you are doing a great job despite of the glares you have received when you are walking on the hallways alone. you better than what you overheard when they said “she’s a hypocrite”. you might belittle and even asked yourself “did i give them reasons for them to uttered these words?” but honey, you are better than that, so chin up because you know yourself best than anyone else.

also, i wanna congratulate you for blooming on your pot again. some people might not have recognized but i do. you went out from your shelf little by little and im proud of you for bravely flapping your wounded wings inspite of the struggle to fly again. you are more than what you imagined.

dear, i wanna congratulate you for doing a great job on academics. you might haven’t been feeling well because of the piles of studyloads that are waiting for you each and every night, keeping you awake til’ the midnight. your parents might not have seen your effort on how you value your studies but keep going. these are just trials to test how strong and determined you are.

you are so delicate and unsure of what the future lies in you but i thank you for pushing yourself up when everybody’s pulling you down and for wiping your own tears on nights when everyone’s asleep. i thank you for cheering yourself up because all you have is yourself. and that’s enough.

you can do it
i believe in you
you are you

Published by shakespeare.brxxkxy

a paradox

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