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Who is she?

A girl named Brooke Eunice C. Montalla who is currently living in Lamacan, Sibonga, Cebu was born last May 21, 2001. She is now 18 years old and the daughter of Emma C. Montalla and Buenaventura A. Montalla. She is the eldest and a loving sister to her 2 siblings, Beatriz Eloisa C. Montalla and Byron Emmanuel C. Montalla

Brooke is enrolled in Sibonga National High School taking up the strand of Humanities and Social Science. Apart of being an academically inclined stud, she is also a part of the Lakbay Indayog Dance Society and the school publication of “The Crystal Voice” which paved her way on enhancing her skills and capabilities both in academics and talent.

Aside from these qualities, little do they know that this woman is adventurous. She loves going to beaches/mountains just to free her mind from everything. For her, a visit from these places is an escape to reality.

Also, she loves doing her make up especially in brows.

She is a dreamer who believes of the saying “no one can’t stop you from dreaming”.

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a paradox

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